1 Year After Starting a Business + 1 Year of Marriage = Making your Husband’s 1st Year Anniversary Gift

I’m not really the Martha type. But I am practical and occasionally creative. With a budget based around the fact that I’m starting up a new business, I knew I would have to (ok maybe want to – I do like a challenge) make my husband’s 1st year anniversary gift.

The idea of a d.i.y. type of present worked especially because my husband is slightly on the sentimental side. He’s a macho mushy. A man’s man who drives a dirty truck, showers at the beach (when surfing), yet still saves almost all of the cards he’s ever received.

I came up with the final idea through three sources of inspiration: #1 – We’ve been very lucky to have traveled a little in the US and a bit abroad, mostly visiting my husband’s family (whom mostly work for the foreign service). And we’ve always had an inside-joke type of reference that we can make a home no matter where we are, as long as we’re together (feel free to make some type of noise from the back of your throat or roll your eyes here – I probably would). #2 – For our first dance we stomped (literally – that’s how we do), hip-checked and clapped around to Home by Edwarde Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Lastly, #3 was this post I saw on pintrest http://pinterest.com/pin/56083957830273148/

I thought a map of memories might make the right gift given our travels and six years together (albeit only one year of the married kind) and given my husband: a man who’s football is his church, yet tears up at gifts like this. Trust me, I know.


*Final notation, don’t worry I’m not going to do one of those “this thing plus that thing equals blah priceless” thing. That’s certainly been an overdone thing. However, I am a little proud of how cost effective this present was, and the potential for even further frugality, if you happen to have a few more of these items handy at home.

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