Fun on the Fourth!

Fireworks, Food and Fun this Fourth of July!

Every year my family has a 4th of July party on their roof deck in Playa del Rey. And every year, I wake up around 6am to start smoking wood chips so the pork shoulders that were rubbed down 2 days before can start slowly melting into pulled pork. You can see why this is one of my favorite holidays.

In addition to making the Pulled Pork and BBQ Sauces (Carolina style, of course, and Traditional) I decided to make a little desert too. This may sound as if I’m being a gracious guest, but really it was so I could eat this myself: Homemade Maple Peach Ice Cream with a Salted Pecan Cookie. The only thing I’m upset about is not having any leftovers while I write this.

Hope your 4th of July was endlessly delicious!

Also, check out our Facebook Page to see a healthy leftover idea for the pulled pork:


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