I Might Just Wake Up

At least that’s definitely what I kept thinking when I heard the restaurant Malibu & Vines had ordered my Fig Balsamic Jam to be used as an appetizer on their menu – served on a Pizzetta with melted Gorgonzola and Duck Prosciutto (which to me is like being nominated for an award along side Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett – just happy to be in the category!)

Now, let me say I understand there are many talented contributors to very reputable restaurants who equally started off novice, with just their passion and pure abandon. And in all humility, many of them have provided more than just a “jam” (I’m talking the likes of the accidental lobster purveyor for The French Laundry and so on). But I would also like to believe they each felt exactly the way I did when I heard we received that first official order from a restaurant. A real, live restaurant! That day I actually had many feelings all rolled into one. Like a Turducken of emotions – excitement stuffed with amazement wrapped in validation. And I’m not going to lie, I did jump up and down a little bit.

Of course to serve anything to anyone I must be confident in it. And I have always been confident in the jams I make and have served. However, when you make something with your own hands, without any training and only modest knowledge, I think it’s natural to have a little doubt. And I think that that questioning can actually push you to be better, more efficient in what you’re creating.

But in the last few weeks I must say, when I start to have a little bit of that doubt, I think of a certain Pizzetta in Malibu that has something I made with these hands, untrained and all, and it’s Turducken time all over again.


Pizzetta with Gorgonzola & Duck Prosciutto









Delivery of our first official Restaurant Order!

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