Is a Cup of Coffee on Your Bucket List?

Honestly, it wasn’t on mine until I learned a little more about why Kopi Luwak coffee is so special. The coffee, from Indonesia and Luwak, is rare to come across and usually fairly expensive due to it’s very limited production and high demand. However, it’s the method of cultivation that makes the coffee truly unique. Kopi Luwak is made from coffee beans which have passed through the digestive system of a civet cat. Once the cat has, well, defecated the beans, they are washed, sun dried, lightly roasted and brewed. Add the fact that a cup can cost up to $100 in some places or a pound could cost anywhere from $100 to $600, and some people might not think it would be worth it. But I can tell you, if you have the opportunity, take it.

My mother-in-law recently visited us from Indonesia and brought some of this rare civet coffee. And of course, if I’m going to try cat poop coffee, naturally I’m going to invite my parents. So the five of us, my mother-in-law, my parents, my husband and myself, sat down for breakfast and tried some of this out of the ordinary coffee. The results? A smooth finish, much subtler than expected. I really enjoyed the lack of bitterness and acidity, which is what usually turns me off from most at home brewed coffees. Rather there was a gentle nutty flavor that continued even after your first sip.  And while I truly appreciated the coffee, I think enjoying this rare brew and laughing over many childish jokes with my family checked something off my bucket list I didn’t know was there.

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